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Toby Jones Will ‘Leave to Remain’ In New Drama

Written by on November 28, 2012 

When he isn’t headlining second-rate biopics of artistic icons, Toby Jones proves to be one of modern cinema’s more underutilized talents. (Sometimes, even in those very same groan-inducers.) On account of both that and a (generally) strong taste in projects, then, do I give some consideration to Leave in Remain, which Variety tells us he’ll star in alongside some as-yet uncast actors, as well as a few non-professionals.

The film, director Bruce Goodison‘s feature debut, centers on immigrant teenagers growing up London, the challenges they find themselves in, and so on. Jones will play a British man, of this I have no doubt, but the kids sound to be Remain‘s point of focus; as of now, those with a migrant or immigrant background (or, unknowns) are still being cast. Where this leaves our main man is probably some type of supporting position — i.e., what we often find him in, anyway.

While that’s all we have on this one (for now), it’s still another chance for Jones to show off that actorly skill of his in a filmic environment. Thus, we have one prospect or another on the horizon.

Is another film of his something you’ll be looking out for?

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