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Tobey Maguire Does Not Survive ‘Life of Pi’

Written by on September 5, 2012 

No, that’s not a blatant spoiler for Ang Lee‘s newest film — it couldn’t be. Thanks to problems such as “fame” and “a recognizable face,” the director — with whom Tobey Maguire has, nevertheless, collaborated several times over — decided to entirely excise the actor’s Life of Pi performance. [THR]

Some rumors of the decision began to circulate a couple of months back, though I, perhaps out of naivety, presumed there wasn’t any truth in them. Funny enough, my primary reason for thinking Maguire would be kept in — i.e., because he’s the most famous member of the cast by several miles — is, in fact, the primary reason he won’t be present. Lee explained the decision himself, saying the inclusion of a big actor wouldn’t be “consistent with the other casting choices made for the film.”

He had filmed work as a reporter who interviews the central character, Pi (Suraj Sharma), and his own presence in the scene just “wasn’t working.” Maguire says he’ll “fully support Ang‘s decision to go a different direction for this role in Life of Pi,” a quote which makes perfect sense when you know the part is now taken by Rafe Spall (Prometheus.)

A shame, since his turn is one of the few things I anticipated in Life of Pi. (Let’s just keep things simple and let me say the trailer is a huge turn-off.) Now? The movie’s walking on some thin ice. Or a tiny boat.

Life of Pi will be released on November 21st, following a premiere at the New York Film Festival later this month.

Does this seem like a wise choice on Lee’s part? Have you been turned off Life of Pi in any way now?

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