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Tina Fey Will Be Nancy Meyers’ ‘Intern’

Written by on April 13, 2012 

We’ve got a Nancy Meyers overflow, ladies and gentlemen. It was, after all, just last night when we heard that she and Felicity Jones were signed to partner up on The Chelsea, but Deadline now brings news of a second film, The Intern, which may prove to be her next directing effort.

Produced by Scott Rudin and written by Meyers, the picture will see Tina Fey play the leader of a fashion e-business that, upon flourishing in the market, is given elderly interns “as [part of] a community outreach effort.” General hilarity ensues when the man, being an “over-70 widower,” proves himself to be a valuable and when, somehow, a strong bond forms between the two. It’s a relationship Meyers describes as “generational,” what with the e-commerce trade comprising a major part of the main character’s own life — something an elderly gentleman wouldn’t know hide nor hair of.

Production-wise, The Intern is expected to get underway when Fey finishes the next season of 30 Rock — a vague period only described as “the first quarter of 2013” — which, barring a delay in casting, could allow for The Chelsea to shoot first. Otherwise, expect this to be Meyers‘ next job behind the camera.

Though I’ve already noted that, in general, her directing work doesn’t exactly float my proverbial boat, a strong fondness for Fey (triple alliteration is fun) should count for something, anything when it comes to The Intern. Should Meyers extend her legitimate grasp and get someone impressive for the opposing role — like, say, Jack Nicholson — things might even be tolerable.

Do you see any potential in Fey and Meyers working together? What’s your impression of The Intern right now?

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