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Tina Fey Next to Take Lead In ‘Muppets’ Follow-Up

Written by on January 8, 2013 

Those concerned with the Muppets’ exposure in a movie called The Muppets should develop mixed feelings right now. Only around three weeks after Ricky Gervais signed up for the Europe-set extravaganza, THR have learned that his Invention of Lying co-star, Tina Fey is bringing herself along for a ride with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and some other creatures whose names I couldn’t even spout off because I had a very sad childhood. Good casting, but is this what fans really want?

Well, that depends. James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller’s script is hard to get much on, but THR state she’d be the female lead of a “caper” — which only creates images of Kermit wearing a black bodysuit that would allow him to steal a diamond — though our last story noted that a “Russian femme fatale” was the last major role awaiting an actor. According to the current story, her role is actually a “gulag prison guard,” which sounds far less sexy than “femme fatale” would often suggest.

So, here’s something good to extract from it all: much as I hate to spout off so many possible routes and little in the way of truly concrete information, a few seasons of 30 Rock have made me think Fey can do a funny Russian accent when it’s asked of her. (Although I had a decent-but-not-exactly-great joke about the 2008 Republican nominee for Vice President to insert right about here, it’s also not late 2008.) Throw in Ty Burrell‘s starring role as an Interpol agent, and a really strong cast of humans are ready to go.

Yet, with news that Gervais‘ role would be similar to that of Jason Segel‘s own in The Muppets, I can only imagine Fey ends up having some sort of equivalent to what Amy Adams also did in that film. While these are not terrible standards to go by, part of me would just like to see a movie in which the whole gang are front and center, with human players off to the side — like what so many grew up on, I mean.

Bobin is returning to direct the Muppets sequel, which begins shooting at the end of this month.

Is Tina Fey the right kind of performer to appear in a Muppets movie?

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