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Timothy Olyphant, Abigail Spencer, and Ben Schwartz Board ‘This Is Where I Leave You’

Written by on April 3, 2013 

Already stacked to the rafters with acting talent, This Is Where I Leave You has, against every single measure of scientific understanding, managed to improve that side even further with recent additions. To that point, Deadline and THR have been told the Shawn Levy-directed ensemble comedy (or dramedy; that remains unclear) has opened arms to welcome Timothy Olyphant, Abigail Spencer (Oz the Great and Powerful, Mad Men), and Ben Schwartz (The Other Guys, Parks and Recreation) as new members of its ranks. To hear that they’ve been selected as leads of a separate project would, to my mind, be good enough; put onscreen with Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Jane Fonda, Kathryn Hahn, and Rose Byrne, it becomes a whole other ballgame.

It’s fair to assume that the basic rundown is something you know, so it’s best to talk about the character roles instead. Thankfully, the most talented member of this trio, Olyphant, has what is, seemingly, the most dramatically potent role at hand: Horry (actual spelling), an old romantic interest of Fey‘s character whose attempt at a normal life was cut short as the result of an accident. Spencer, meanwhile, is to appear as the ex-wife to Bateman’s Judd Foxman, having become a former spouse via her adulterous actions; in another part of the story, Schwartz will comfort the central grievers by playing a Rabbi attempting “to act much cooler than his job title suggests.”

The hope, still, is that Levy‘s past credits as a filmmaker aren’t some sign of problems hitting the production, yet the notion that its cast should be read as its own sort of positive indication not only remains, but stands stronger than ever.

Scripted by the original novel’s author, Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I Leave You should begin shooting imminently.

With another round of inclusions, how is Levy’s production looking to you?

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