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Thomas Vinterberg Will Next Direct ‘The Commune’

Written by on February 6, 2013 

Though it might have made us outliers, we had no short supply of enthusiasm for Thomas Vinterberg‘s Cannes entry, The Hunt. But even with some colder reactions shuffling in from around the globe, it was, regardless, the most high-profile thing he’s been attached to since… well, although I don’t want to say The Celebration, it’s not like there’s some huge stock to pick from. Alas.

The point being, Vinterberg has the kind of momentum missing for some length of time. With this in store (or even without it in place; the guy just likes working), he’s been gearing up for production on a new drama, which, as ThePlaylist have learned, is titled The Commune, and will be co-written by Tobias Lindholm — his partner on The Hunt and Submarino. Taking story and characters from an original play of Vinterberg‘s — itself summarized as “a Nordic, dark Scandinavian version of Ice Storm” — its events center on a family whose move into a tiny community ends up tearing them apart. Living here, amongst new faces, they find themselves more concerned with what others are up to than the lives of those they know so well, in the process losing “their sense of and focus on what’s important in life.”

Fans of the director will, undoubtedly, find that to strike a familiar chord. If you’re not a fan? Not such a big deal: at this point, you’re sure to have tuned out. I’m not among those putting him in radio silence.

How does the first news on Vinterberg’s Commune strike you?

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