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‘The Town’ Scribe Peter Craig Hired to Adapt Upcoming Novel ‘The Ghostman’ For Big Screen

Written by on July 18, 2012 

After hitting it big back in 2010 with The Town, Hollywood newbie Peter Craig is continuing his writing luck with a new novel adaptation for Warner Bros. According to Variety, the scribe has been hired to bring Roger Hobbs‘ forthcoming novel, The Ghostman, to the big screen.

The novel won’t be released until early next year, but it has already managed to generate some buzz. If you’re looking for some info that will make yourself feel slightly bummed, Hobbs is only 23 years old and happened to write one of the drafts for the novel while he was still in college.

Moving on to more important information about the project — the novel “follows a man who cleans up problems and helps fugitives disappear.” The main character is “persistent on staying out of trouble until he is dragged into a casino heist gone bad with his mentor caught in the middle.” Kevin McCormick will produce the project through his Langley Park banner.

The material seems to be right up Craig‘s alley, which could make for a pretty entertaining action movie. He’s also been hired to write the next Bad Boys installment — if it ever gets made — as well as the upcoming Top Gun sequel.

If you’re interested in the novel, here’s a longer synopsis (via GoogleBooks):

Jack Delton is a hard man to get hold of. There are maybe thirty people who know he exists. Not all of them believe he is still alive. And only one of them knows his real name. So when he gets the email he knows whatever it is, it’s going to be bad. Marcus Fairlan and Jack used to work together. Until they had a falling out, after which Jack assumed the only reason Marcus would want to find him would be to kill him.It turns out it’s worse than that.Marcus bankrolled a casino heist that has just gone spectacularly wrong, leaving a parking lot full of bodies and an armed and dangerous crackhead named Jerome Ribbons gone AWOL with a million dollars in cash. Marcus had the money earmarked for a major drug deal, and if he doesn’t deliver, not only is the deal going down the tubes, but the man known as The Wolf is going to come looking for him.To make things right with Marcus, Jack needs to locate Ribbons, get the money and make the delivery. All in just 24 hours.Even for a man with Jack’s resources, it’s a tall order. Especially when he has a funny feeling the whole thing is a set-up…

Would you be interested in seeing The Ghostman on the big screen?

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