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‘The Town’ & ‘Savages’ Authors Team For Ensemble Crime Thriller Script

Written by on May 7, 2012 

With every major studio trying to squeeze the maximum revenue out of their films, development on a broad appeal blockbuster usually results in a fairly watered down final product. So when there is strictly adult-themed drama with a sizable budget, it is a moment to rejoice. We saw it just under two years ago with Ben Affleck‘s sophomore effort The Town and this summer Universal will release Oliver Stones’ Savages. Both crime thrillers feature strong ensembles and now the original authors of both are teaming up for another entry in the genre.

Deadline reports that Don Winslow, author of Savages and the upcoming prequel The Kings of Cool (set for a release just a few days before the former’s film adaptation), and Chuck Hogan, author of Prince of Thieves, the book based on The Town, are set to write a “contemporary” crime thriller. While it’s still untitled, the film “revolves around two men who inevitably collide, amidst a host of supporting characters.”

Shane Salerno, who worked on Armageddon, as well as Savages, will produce the film. With these two authors teaming up, one wonders how exactly they’ll take on this script, with their separate styles. The plan has been revealed, as they will split up the main characters, Winslow working on one and Hogan on the other. Then they’ll work them in together as they move toward the final script.

It’s an odd approach and most of my curiosity lies if one will be able to tell who wrote which character and how they’ll actually be able to combine them. With Hogan in Boston and Winslow in San Diego, I can’t wait to listen to the eventual Jeff Goldsmith podcast on this writing process. As for Winslow, his Savages (trailer here) will be brought to the screen with the cast of Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Benicio Del Toro, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Demian Bichirm Salma Hayek, Joel David Moore, Emile Hirsch on July 6th.

What do you think about this team-up and writing process?

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