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The Team is Back In First Teaser Poster For ‘Anchorman 2’

Written by on May 16, 2012 

As we revealed over two weeks ago, the first teaser trailer for Anchorman 2 will indeed be attached to Paramount’s The Dictator this week. To go along with the occasion, the studio has unveiled the first teaser poster, which confirms (at least the bottom half) of our Channel 4 news team is set to return, including Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner. While production hasn’t started yet, director Adam McKay recently spoke to EW about the genesis of the trailer, which you can read below:

“Paramount came to us with the idea of the teaser, and since we’re writing the script, it was a good chance to see the characters and hang out with the actors to inspire writing. All of the actors slipped right into character and they all looked amazing. Paul has a beard and we’re thinking of keeping it. Kind of an Eddie Rabbit-meets-Serpico look.” And even though there is a teaser, he said. “Nothing’s set. Right now I can say for sure there is no Ghost Rider cameo or a scene where Ron fights a wolverine on a nose-diving helicopter. We’re either going to shoot the movie in 3-D or 1/2 D.” Check out the poster below via Collider and come back when the teaser makes its way online.

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