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‘The Shining’ On A Spaceship? Shane Abbess Helming ‘Source Code’ Writer Ben Ripley’s ‘7th Day’

Written by on March 14, 2011 

With Duncan Jones‘s Source Code receiving strong advance reviews, it’s not surprise that the film’s writer, Ben Ripley, is lining up his next project. Variety reports that Aussie Shane Abbess (Gabriel) will direct 7th Day, a sci-fi story about a voyage to found a new colony somewhere in outer space, based on an original story by Abbess and Ripley.

Producer Martha DeLaurentiis, who described the concept as The Shining on a spaceship (which kind of describes the premise to the underrated Event Horizon, but it still works) also said:

“We are always looking for young, inspiring filmmakers wanting to tell a unique, high-concept story, and after meeting Shane, I decided to immediately snap the property off the market.”

No casting details or anything else beyond that one-line premise, but there’s this from Abbess and Ripley:

“7th Day” is “going to be a contemporary take with the soul of classic genre,” said Abbess.

“We tried to design sequences at every turn which would surprise us and subvert genre expectations,” said Ripley.

The Variety article also mentioned some other interesting projects DeLaurentiis Co. is developing: a “re imagining” of Roger Vadim’s Barbarells, remakes of Stephen King‘s Firestarter and Maximum Overdrive, and a film based on TV’s MacGyver. Groovy.

Source Code opens nationwide on April 1st.

Are you looking forward to Source Code? What do think of the premise behind 7th Day?

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