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‘The Sessions’ Director Finds His Follow-Up With Katherine Heigl-Led Remake ‘Moment to Remember’

Written by on February 11, 2013 

Despite her promising first major lead role in Judd Apatow‘s Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl‘s name has become synonymous with only the most putrid and inane examples of the modern romantic comedy, but could a new project turn that notion around? The actress has recently become attached to a promising remake, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Coming off his sex therapist drama The Sessions, Ben Lewin‘s first narrative film in nearly twenty years was a Sundance hit and collected a healthy $9 million at the worldwide box office for Fox Searchlight and now he won’t be waiting nearly as long for his next feature. With Heigl attached to lead, he’s been set to direct A Moment to Remember, a project which is actually based on a Korean film that, in turn, is inspired by a Japanese TV show.

Heigl will take the part of the “fashion designer who is stricken with a disease that wipes away her memory, forcing her husband to desperately try to give her one last memory of their love.” Lewin’s direction wasn’t anything to write home about with his John Hawkes-led drama, but he did have a strong emotional center, thanks to a batch of strong performances, and hopefully he can get another one out of Heigl here. Check out the original, directed by John H. Lee, below and expect a 2014 release after a spring start date.

Have you seen the original? Do you think Heigl can turn out a strong performance?

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