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‘The Raid’ Remake Hires Scribe Brad Ingelsby

Written by on February 3, 2012 

With all Raid-related talk focusing on director Gareth Evans and his plans for a whole trilogy, you might have forgotten that us Americans — even those who didn’t ask for it! — are getting a remake in the near future. It’s almost like an international franchise lies right at our feet.

That’s actually me speaking too soon — in a joking manner, of course — but, still, keep it in the back of your head when I tell you that, according to Deadline, Screen Gems have brought on a writer for their Americanized take. The man to earn the job is Brad Ingelsby, one of Hollywood’s hot young scribes. The name might not jump out at you, but one project of his, The Low Dweller, is being developed by Scott Cooper, while Warner Bros. recently picked up his spec, The All-Nighter (now apparently called Run All Night).

There’s still no information regarding a director, cast, or production date for The ReRaid (that starts here), but movement’s clearly happening. Keep an eye out for more news, as well as Evans‘ own film, which will open in limited release next month.

What do you think of the Raid remake going forward?

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