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‘The Expendables 3’ and ‘The Mechanic 2’ Lined Up By Nu Image and Millennium

Written by on October 31, 2012 

This is not something I can honestly say is worth a lot of time, so I’ll provide the vitals right upfront. At the American Film Market, Nu Image and Millennium Films quietly announced The Expendables 3 — no great surprise, since casting rumors have been around for months — and… hold your breath in anticipation… The Mechanic 2. Sequels to Simon West movies which feature Jason Statham are in order for today. (Along with Eliza Graves, which Brad Anderson will be directing, Automata, and Before I Go to Sleep. I doubt those have as many bulging veins.)

Unlike the action-team up’s third outing, The Mechanic 2 is something of a surprise — so long as the sequel to a film with low box office receipts and a middling reception all-around wasn’t to be expected. Because of those circumstances, I could almost see them going the DTV route à la Universal Soldier — whatever else might fit that mold, actually — or it’s possible something about the proposition just really struck them. Who knows? [Collider]

Take a look at the low-fi shot below:

The Expendables 3? The Mechanic 2? Is there any reason or hope for either?

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