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‘The Cove’ to Receive Follow-Up Not Unlike ‘The Avengers’

Written by on September 5, 2012 

Over these past several years, very few documentaries have made more impact than The Cove, an Oscar-winning exposé of horrid actions taken by Japanese dolphin hunters. As upsetting as it may be to watch, many commended the picture for its surprisingly entertaining treatment of such a serious issue — what some even compare to a heist movie.

Environmental concerns are just as prevalent as ever, though, and director Louie Psihoyos hopes to provide further exposure on what concerns him; this time out, it’s “the mass extinction of species,” which he hopes to get the proper support for through Kickstarter. This effort is titled The Heist — a name which, come on, should give away something from the outset — with his cryptic hint promising a combination of Ocean’s Eleven and The Avengers, but “this time it’s real.”

Much of the project is being kept close to the chest, as DocChannelBlog explains that Psihoyos‘ mission, which he calls “an event that will forever change what it means to take action for the planet” — and which has something to do with “bringing the sights and sounds of species on the brink of extinction to the front of the world stage” — simply “won’t work if people know about it.” Oh, the power vagueness can have in gaining my attention.

It’s fair to expect that his actions, whatever they may prove to be, will become public knowledge before The Heist actually premieres — though I’m sure the cinematic result will still be fascinating. If you want to see it, click on the Kickstarter link and chip in whatever you feel is necessary.

For further motivation, watch the video below:

Based on what little we know, does The Heist bear any promise to yourself?

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