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‘The Boondock Saints III’ In The Works

Written by on September 14, 2012 

Update: We are spared. Reedus himself tweeted, “no part three. sorry guys. we were under the impression too. it’s all good. we wish him luck.” Judging from the story below, I’m not sure how this matches up but perhaps Duffy got everyone together to say it’s not happening. Check out the original report below.

The trilogy we’ve all been waiting for may finally be complete. After getting released to dismal reviews The Boondock Saints somehow went on to attain a massive cult following, but when the sequel, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, was released just a few years ago, it seemed to leave as quickly as it came. Though considering it made just over its $8 million reported budget, it looks like things are moving forward on a third film.

IFC sat down with Norman Reedus, who plays Murphy MacManus in the films, who confirmed that plans are moving ahead to complete the trilogy. After talk popped up at Comic-Con that a script was being written, he told the outlet that he’s in Los Angeles right now and he has plans to meet with co-star, Sean Patrick Flanery and writer/director Troy Duffy this very evening. The actor added, “I just landed a couple hours ago and tonight I’m going over to Troy’s house with Sean. It’s definitely in the works. Look for it. It’s gonna be crazy.”

Crazy indeed, with no more details available unfortunately. While I did glean some very basic fun out of the first film, the second was a trainwreck which leaves me firmly not anticipating another adventure with these brothers. As for Duffy, not much else seems to be happening in his career outside of these films, so it makes sense he is pushing forward on another.

Do you want to see another Boondock Saints film?

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