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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Gets One More Poster; ‘V/H/S’ One-Sheet Promises Death

Written by on June 14, 2012 

Because this writer doesn’t really know how Hollywood works, I had thought the production of any and all Amazing Spider-Man posters would just cease with April’s theatrical item. Alas, the film’s Twitter account has debuted what could, with any ounce of reason, be the very last one-sheet this film will ever receive — unless Sony wants to give The Lizard one more push.

Some have noted a striking similarity to Spider-Man 2‘s nearly iconic poster — what the mutual high-flying display of the comfort one can find in Spider-Man’s arms — though I don’t know if I’d have otherwise made that connection. To me, it’s mostly a decent example of studio marketing.

Marc Webb‘s film will hit on July 3rd. Take a look at the poster below:

The second poster is for the far-less prolific, far-more violent V/H/S, a horror anthology picture from Ti West, Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence (i.e., a semi-anonymous collection), David Bruckner, and Joe Swanberg. Their approach to found footage and multi-director stories is tied around a central group of kids, all of whom are tasked with finding a specific VHS tape hidden among a vast collection of violent videos.

We liked the film a decent amount when it played at Sundance, but the general attitude indicates a pretty uneven collection of horror shorts; not surprising, but still a bit disappointing. This clever, eye-catching poster captures the concept pretty well, for whatever that may be worth.

V/H/S will hit VOD on August 31st, then have a limited theatrical opening on October 5th. See it below (via Movies.com):

Is this new Spider-Man poster able to provide any more incentive? Do you like the design at play for V/H/S?

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