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‘Texas Chainsaw’ Revs Up Again For Another Franchise Sequel

Written by on January 7, 2013 

By all accounts, Texas Chainsaw 3D was not a creative smash. We said as much (which is all that matters), and not many audience members seem to have really gobbled it up, either — but the thing made a lot of money. If you think Lionsgate are concerned about the critical reception to their 3D reboot of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, think again.

Surprise, surprise. BloodyDisgusting report that the studio are moving forward with a Leatherface follow-up, in which he’ll pick up another chainsaw, find another group of unsuspecting folks, and proceed to, once again, slice them up. (All of that is based on the enormously evident and nothing else. It doesn’t need to be.) Should anything in this story actually be capable of yielding surprise, I was honestly nonplussed to read the studio have six, six more Texas Chainsaw movies left in the legal tank. Naturally, this weekend was the start of what they’d like to make a new franchise.

As always: Leatherface wins, we lose.

Are you even remotely hopeful about another Texas Chainsaw Massacre? What will they call the next film?

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