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Taylor Lautner Jumps Into Action Again With Parkour Thriller ‘Tracers’

Written by on May 14, 2012 

One of 2011’s most hilariously awful films was Abduction, a box office bomb that was looking to launch Twilight star Taylor Lautner into action stardom. Instead it was legitimate proof that the young actor doesn’t have a convincing bone in his body, not helped by John Singleton‘s atrociously misguided direction.

Despite its failure, Hollywood is still trying to turn Lautner into a blockbuster lead, as a new project has been announced to sell at Cannes. In a press release, a new action thriller Tracers has been unveiled, which will see Lautner play a bicycle messenger in the Big Apple. His character name is Cam (Lautner) and is described as  “the hottest thing on two wheels.” Seriously. Due to some bad ties with the criminal underworld, he must team with a “sexy stranger” and they must master parkour to defeat the vilains.

The synopsis actually sounds it could outdo the stupidity of Abduction, something which I’m certainly game for. Directed by newcomer Daniel Benmayor (Bruc, the Manhunt), this one could be the perfect recipe for another disaster, one in a long line that will likely be Lautner’s career.

Are you looking forward to the humor involved with Lautner trying to convincingly make a parkour film?

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