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Susanne Bier Looks at ‘This Beautiful Life’ In New Drama

Written by on April 2, 2013 

Working at a pace faster than anyone expected or, for that matter, really asked for, Susanne Bier has zeroed in on successors to her waiting-for-release Pierce Brosnan comedy (?) and Bradley CooperJennifer Lawrence drama, Serena — a successor which, lest we deny proper credit, stands apart from two seemingly divergent pictures of their own. As announced in a press release (via ComingSoon), the Danish helmer has come aboard to direct This Beautiful Life, a project which sees her adapting what somewhat sounds, oddly, like a slightly sexier version of Caché. Slightly.

Originally written by Helen Schulman (who will also pen the screenplay), its story centers on a tenth grader, Jake Bergamot, who is sent a sexually charged video from an eighth-grade student attracted to him. This recording becomes some kind of internet sensation — how it manages to be so widespread in this day and age of child porn patrolling is a different issue, apparently — and Jake’s family find themselves in a difficult position as media attention infiltrates and obstructs their lives. Conflict explodes, people cry, and it’s definitely a Susanne Bier movie through and through with this first summation alone.

Glass Elevator Media and Killer Films — both of which use numerous high-faulting adjectives in their quotes — will take financial and producing duties on This Beautiful Life. Anything regarding a cast or start date has not been announced at this time, though Bier, with two completed projects already in the bag, should have an open schedule to make this happen.

Is Bier a good choice for the project, or vice versa?

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