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‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Back to Directing With ‘Kiss Me’

Written by on January 11, 2012 

The guy who hosts Survivor once directed a movie. This is what I’m learning from Variety, who report that Jeff Probst will follow up his 2001 debut Finder’s Fee with Kiss Me, a coming-of-age drama that already has John Corbett (remember him?) and Sarah Bolger set to star. Written by Lost and Deadwood scribe Liz Sarnoff, the story centers on “a teenage girl [going] through the physical and emotional growing pains of adolescence.”

This teenage girl is “Zoe, who struggles with insecurities of having to wear a back brace to cure her scoliosis.” In the story, she’s forced to “navigate complicated relationships with her mother, her best friend and Chance (Corbett), a married man whose kids she babysits.” (I’d place some kind of Survivor-related joke here, but… well, I’ve never seen the show.) The independent feature, which begins shooting next month, is being produced by Probst, MysticArts Pictures’ Katy Walling, and Warrior executive producer John J. Kelly.

Perhaps my frame of reference for this story is a little narrower than you or I would prefer, but if we were to judge him based on his skills as a variety show host — wait, no, we won’t do that. In all seriousness, I’d argue that his past work’s positive reception leaves some hope open for whatever comes next. The plot, admittedly, sounds like a rather familiar journey of a teenage girl, and so on — but judging loglines gets you nowhere. Let’s just wait and see where this goes.

Have you seen Probst’s first film? If you have, would more films from him be a good thing?

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