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Summit Pursuing Ryan Reynolds to Lead ‘Highlander’ Reboot

Written by on May 18, 2012 

There can only be one, and the one for Summit is Ryan Reynolds. As Variety reports, the actor — who, you may remember, recently made his own unsuccessful attempt at being a franchise star — is their favorite on the still-gestating Highlander reboot. Now, I, personally, had thought (well, hoped) that development on the film had ceased in the eight months since any word leaked out from Hollywood — but, yeah, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

Reynolds, though considering other options at this point in time, is said to already be in talks with Summit over a job that has him not just “interested,” but “very interested.” We may not know just what has him so interested, but we can definitely ascertain what’s happening here: an ancient sword fighter travels to a modern-day New York, fights another ancient warrior, inspires a rock band, saves the world, and gets spun off into sequels and a TV show.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is getting behind the camera on Highlander — which has a current draft from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway — for a shoot that, with Reynolds‘ casting, would probably go into motion over just the next few months. (I imagine, but can’t guarantee, that all the time twixt his hiring and now has made way for proper pre-production development.) Although I’d say Reynolds should be doing something a little more “highbrow,” if you will, with his time, the past couple of years have made it clear that he wants to have a franchise in his pocket. If this is what it takes, best of luck to him.

Is Highlander the right career choice for Reynolds?

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