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Studios Move Forward With Sequels to ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Ted,’ ‘American Pie’ and More

Written by on August 1, 2012 

I know, I know: You’d rather look at, debate, and make your own amends with the new Sight & Sound poll, but the world must keep spinning and, with it, studios must keep churning out films that will never make the list. Anyhow, THR informs us that the big Hollywood venues are looking at both their summer and winter offerings, weighing the options, and trying to deduce if a franchise should stem from (or continue with) them. As they always do.

The biggest news would concern Prometheus 2, which we’ve known Ridley Scott and Fox “actively are pushing ahead with”; Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender have already been attached — I guess that’s a spoiler? — but Damon Lindelof will not be coming back. (I suspect there will be few objections to this choice.) Seeing as everyone feels the need “to get it right,” we shouldn’t expect to see Prometheus 2 until 2014 or 2015. It would probably help if Scott pushed back those ten other projects on his slate in the meantime.

The second-most notable movement is on Universal’s front, and the most obvious thing can be said right up front: There will be no Battleship sequel, but Snow White, Ted, and American Reunion are expected to get that treatment. The first of those hired David Koepp more than three months ago, so no surprise there, though some recent scandals involving the director and star (oh, you know what I’m talking about) could see the former get the boot. How about that PR nightmare? Ted 2, meanwhile, is up to Seth MacFarlane, who said he’s “open to making” that happen. (Having not seen it, I have no idea what the film might even entail.)

The rest is kind of small and / or something you’ve heard before. Magic Mike 2 is an open possibility; Men in Black and Spider-Man will soldier on; 21 Jump Street is looking to be a new franchise; The Avengers 2, duh; Paramount wants to see what happens with Jack Reacher; Brave could get a follow-up, oh no. (The only strange thing is the possibility of more Total Recall films.) In other words, today is just another day in Tinseltown.

Are you game for another Prometheus? What are your views of the other follow-up plans?

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