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Steven Spielberg-Produced ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Nabs Release Date

Written by on January 11, 2013 

The project that no one was confident about ever seeing, Jurassic Park IV, landed a date seemingly out of nowhere. Let’s dispense with some introductory nonsense and throw it out for your own sake: June 13th, 2014. Yes, in seventeen months and two days, a new Jurassic Park film will have 3D showings in your local multiplex –which is part of what I mean by “seemingly out of nowhere.”

Even in light of some recent news, Steven Spielberg is only poised to return as a producer (alongside Kathleen Kennedy), which is not something I’d expect to change. No director has yet been attached, while, script-wise, things might (we’re using that word cautiously) be in a better-than-most position. (At least, compared to where many blockbusters find themselves fifteen months from release.) Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) have just sent in new material, the contents of which are a) guarded by Universal Studios’ skin-shearing lasers, and b) will probably get passed around to directing talent… this weekend. And I’m being relatively serious here; if you want a good film, now’s very much the time to get a main voice (other than its producer) on the job.

It really isn’t my venue to start rattling off the names of people who I think should land the job, save for some obvious picks that everyone else will also have in mind. (If you’d like, go crazy in the comments.) Frankly, yours truly is still kind of bemused to learn Jurassic Park IV will open within a year, and greatly disappointed to know it can never be this. Get back to me in a few days’ time as to whether or not I even think this is a good idea.

Does this news strike you as a surprise? Should Jurassic Park IV even be a commodity?

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