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Start Your Summer Weekend with Godard, Gorin, Wenders, and More on the Beach

Written by on June 13, 2014 

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Thanks to BlackBook, an impossible-to-ignore gem has been brought to our attention. It was in 1978 when filmmakers Jean-Pierre Gorin and Ira Schneider, then stationed as professors at UC San Diego, occupied a beach house in Del Mar, California — sue me: I’m already laughing — presumably passing their free days building sand castles while debating the cinematic image’s true ontology. Seemingly not content to let the warm weather pass by without having some friends stop by, they had a small get-together.

As people had naturally wished to see it, there was eventually a release for A Weekend at the Beach with Jean-Luc Godard. As compiled and, rather noticeably, narrated by Schneider, it’s partially a parody of the eponymous director’s more overtly political work — “which he couldn’t stand,” according to sources; one wonders what he thought of the Gorin-co-directed Tout Va Bien — as well as a fascinating bit of social documentation. (He’d been invited to provide a lecture at UC San Diego, and the acceptance encouraged a visit from fellow luminaries.) Behold, then, the sight of Wim Wenders, Jim McBride (who was five years away from directing a Breathless remake), and playwright Heiner Müller socializing in the bright California sun; also credited as appearing are actor Martin Milner, Monique Montgomery, producer and Telluride co-found Tom Luddy, celebrity chef Alice Waters, and Henry and Roller Derby (beats me), among some more.

This has been online since August of 2010, yet, amazingly, accumulated barely more than 1,500 views in the time since. Needless to say, it deserves your eyes. Watch the full thing below:

Was it nice to see Godard in a bathing suit?

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