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‘Star Trek 2’ Gets A Release Date and 3D; Michael Giacchino Returns to Score; Del Toro Still A Contender

Written by on November 23, 2011 

Remember when we told you about a production start date for Star Trek 2? It felt a little silly to report something that, while relevant in a certain sense, wasn’t enough to make anybody outside of those who bothered to read the article care. About a week and a half later, Deadline now reports that the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel will be hitting theaters on May 17th, 2013, more than four years after the original first opened.

This is a date that Sony originally reserved for Roland Emmerich‘s Singularity, but that’s since been moved to November 1st of the same year; those rewrites might be connected to it. Meanwhile, May 17th, 2013 will also see the release of Patrick Jean’s Pixels. A shift might now be in order, unless Sony plans to go with the “counter-programming” strategy that never seems to work.

Arguably as big is the announcement that Trek 2 will be the first film in the franchise to be shot and released in 3D, a move that can’t be surprising to a single human. I have zero idea of how this method will turn out, seeing as the film is, you know, non-existent at the moment, but coming back from a second viewing of Hugo today has left me optimistic about 3D in a way I wouldn’t have ever expected. Then again, Abrams is no Scorsese. We’ll see how this turns out in good time.

But, one thing that is nearly pre-destined to be of quality is Michael Giacchino‘s score — in an interview with ComingSoon, the Oscar-winning composer confirmed that he would jump back on the Trek train “just as soon as they finish it.” Nice to hear because, in my opinion, his original soundtrack was one of the original film’s highlights; based on past results, I’m more or less expecting that to apply here. If there was any reason to doubt this, it’s his comment about the fact that he changed things up a bit between Mission: Impossible 3 and Ghotocol, as he “likes to treat sequels like altogether new projects.” This is something I don’t mind — but also hope doesn’t adversely affect the new score, if that makes any sense.

Abrams also told MTV that Benicio Del Toro is in fact wanted for his sequel, although they’re “just in discussion” at the moment. He gave the obvious answer to the question of why he’s wanted — Del Toro is a great actor — but still wouldn’t shed light on the villain he may or may not do a stellar job playing. That will be “public knowledge” when an actor is found. I don’t want to speculate in the meantime.

(Because I’ve posted three release dates here, I might as well tell you that the Red Dawn remake — which was picked up by FilmDistrict in September, following so much idiotic crap I won’t even bother getting into here — has been set for a release of November 2nd, 2012, according to ComingSoon. Chris Hemsworth was best known for, of all things, Star Trek when this was shot; think about that for a second.)

How do you feel about Trek 2 going 3D? Any thoughts on Giacchino scoring the film or Del Toro possibly joining?

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