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Spike Jonze’s Arcade Fire Short to Premiere at Berlin Film Fest

Written by on January 18, 2011 

Remember two months ago today when that Spike Jonze-directed, Arcade Fire-accompanied short showed up online? I said in that article that it might be a small part of the previously discussed short that the filmmaker and band apparently collaborated on, but I also thought that the clip could be the entire thing.

Turns out it was only a small part of that collaboration, as a story at ThePlaylist (via GordonandtheWhale) tells us that the full short Scenes from the Suburbs will be premiering at the Berlin Film Film Festival next month. The press release for the festival describes it by saying that it:

“Expands the music video into a film without abandoning the structure of a clip. The future has become reality. And the threat lies in the proximity of the military. Memories of a past summer.”

It sounds an awful lot like that clip we saw. Thankfully, said clip is amazing, so there’s no reason for me to complain about it expanding upon that. The idea of a music video film, even in a short form, sounds similar to something like Pink Floyd The Wall, and that features some of the best matches of sound and image I’ve ever seen in a film. If this is even half as powerful as that, we’re in for quite a treat.

Here’s that music video, in case you needed another excuse to watch it again:

Were you a fan of the music video released a few months ago, and are you excited for Scenes from the Suburbs?

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