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Sony Bringing CGI Hybrid ‘Alf’ to Big Screen Because

Written by on August 8, 2012 

Remember Alf? He’s back! In [film] form.”

Quite the prescient boy, that Milhouse Van Houten. I’ve never seen an episode of Alf, could not name a cast member, and wouldn’t be able to hum the tune if my life depended on it — I don’t even know if there is “a tune,” to be honest — so, theoretically, my “attachment” to this news is entirely non-existent. I only know that Simpsons moment.

Let me shut up and get the big things out of the way: THR informs us Sony Animation and Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner have bought the rights to Alf (I just typed “have bought the rights to Alf“), a precious commodity they plan to exploit in the form of a motion picture — one which will combine live-action and CGI. Sort of like The Smurfs, you see.

The plot will, thank baby Christ, probably be something not unlike its original TV incarnation: A cat-eating alien, Alf (or “Gordon Shumway”) crashes on Earth, takes refuge with the Tanner family, and has to avoid the government. If nothing else, Paul Fusco will voice the character again — the CGI probably exempts him from operating the puppet — while the original show’s creator, Tom Patchett, is producing in conjunction with Kerner.

Oh, man, somebody is making an Alf movie.

Is Alf something the kids want?

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