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Simon Hunter Tapped to Direct ‘Last Blood’

Written by on July 23, 2011 

To be honest I’m surprised someone didn’t come up with sooner. Deadline reports that Simon Hunter has been signed to direct Last Blood, an adaptation of a graphic novel released by Keenspot. Last Blood takes place after a zombie apocalypse in which the walking dead has overrun humans and are slowly hunting them into extinction. This doesn’t bode well for the vampire population, who need the human blood to survive, so they decide to mount an offensive against the undead threat.

Hunter is perhaps best known for the 2009 low budget sci-fi movie Mutant Chronicles starring Thomas Jane. And if you know him from that, you are probably nervous that his new project will turn out just as bad. The movie’s production is being handled by a company called Benderspink, who obtained the rights back in 2008.

The idea of a “vampires Vs. zombies” movie sounded a bit dubious to me, but the premise for Last Blood is actually kind of interesting and in a weird way makes perfect sense. If I was a vampire, I’d go out of my way to protect my food source too. It’s also pretty dark if you think about it; yes vampires want to help us survive the zombie apocalypse but that’s only so they can be the ones to feed on us. Either way humanity is doomed. Ouch.

Hunter’s involvement with Last Blood will be formally announced sometime today at the San Diego Comic Con but will most likely be overshadowed by the five million other things going on at the same time.

Have you read Last Blood? If so, will it make a decent movie or should it stay as a graphic novel?

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