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‘Evil Dead’ Star Shiloh Fernandez to Lead Boxing Biopic ‘Johnny’

Written by on August 23, 2012 

When Gary Oldman gives a bad performance in the same movie, I won’t use it as a gauge of your acting talent. In that sense, Shiloh Fernandez has a clean slate in my own mind, and I can casually read a THR story which informs us the Red Riding Hood and upcoming Evil Dead remake actor will lead Johnny, a biopic of the recently-deceased star boxer Johnny Tapia.

Director Eddie Alcazar, making his feature debut, has co-written the script with Bettina Gilois that elects to focus on the man’s early days; we can expect to see dramatic depictions of his father’s murder — which happened before Tapia was even born — the kidnapping and murder of his mother at the age of eight, and a jump into boxing at nine. That might prove to be something positive amidst all that other horror, but these events still helped lead to a life of drug addiction and younger-than-normal death. It’s probably going to be a little rough, is what I’m saying.

We don’t know just how far the film delve into Tapia’s life, but having won his first title at the age of 23 should allow for some pugilism to sneak in amongst all the misery of his day-to-day existence. More than anything, I’m actually worried Johnny could become the sort of misery porn its subject matter would so easily allow for — but I won’t make that call yet.

Do the right ingredients appear to be in line for Johnny to work?

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