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‘Sherlock Holmes’ Writer Anthony Peckham’s Next Stop, ‘The Twilight Zone’; Final ‘Game of Shadows’ Poster

Written by on November 30, 2011 

Working from the efforts of Jason Rothenberg and Rand Ravich, Sherlock Holmes and Invictus scribe Anthony Peckham will do a rewrite on the current draft of the upcoming Twilight Zone movie, as Variety reports. The Matt Reeves-directed adaptation of Rod Serling‘s classic sci-fi show has been moving along quietly since the helmer signed on for Warner Bros. and Appian Way — the latter of which has Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, and Michael Ireland producing — making this the first substantial public move in a month and a half.

The biggest curiosity surrounding this new Twilight Zone just so happens to be the screenplay, a feeling that’s arisen from comments on the creative side that this is actually a singular story, not an anthology-style presentation utilized in the 1983 film. And any true Twilight Zone fan knows that the most important ingredient for a good episode is the story; being told that this new incarnation will “incorporate multiple themes” from the show isn’t enough to fully grasp my attention, even if it is present. Hiring someone responsible for the Sherlock Holmes screenplay is a bit of an odd step, though.

Speaking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the sequel to 2009’s film — tagged with the unforgivably bland subtitle A Game of Shadows — has received its final poster. Coming to us from Yahoo!, the marketing material (or, in the case of this film, “reminder that a sequel to Sherlock Holmes is coming out in about two weeks”) is about as uninspiring as everything else that’s been put out for Guy Ritchie‘s latest. I do kind of appreciate the humor in having Robert Downey Jr. stare at the viewer with a conceited smile while Jude Law is focused on the shadowy Professor Moriarty — it’s a decent play on the character tropes executed in one visual — yet the level of investment I have here is too small to go past that. Maybe it can be more entertaining than the first, I guess.

Take a look below:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will open on December 16th.

Is Peckham rewriting The Twilight Zone a big development to you? Any thoughts on this last Holmes poster?

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