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Shane Black and Dwayne Johnson Move Forward with ‘Doc Savage’; ‘The Man from Earth’ Sequel Set In Motion

Written by on May 30, 2016 

shane black doc savage

The Nice Guys didn’t perform as well as we felt it deserved, yet Shane Black is something of a hot commodity again. While his Predator sequel / reboot / whatever prepares for a release in February of 2018, the writer-director apparently spent this Memorial Day weekend with, fittingly, our greatest living American, Dwayne Johnson, to move forward with their long-rumored collaboration: Doc Savage, a ’30s- and ’40s-era superhero who pre-dates and, speaking for ability, in many ways matches Superman.

Taking to Instagram, the star confirmed his involvement in the project scripted by Black, Nice Guys co-writer Anthony Bagarozzi, and Chuck Mondry. Sony is supporting the project, about which little else is known — though one imagines it’s to come after The Predator, i.e. remains a few years off. Waiting aside, the point stands: it’s plenty nice to have more Black, and it’s no less odd to be actively excited about a superhero picture.

jerome_bixby_s_the_man_from_earth-512181758-largeIn terms of something bound to be much, much smaller, Deadline reports that a recent sci-fi cult classic is getting the follow-up treatment. There was, several years ago, once a lot of buzz about a low-budget project titled The Man from Earth, a single-location genre piece with no special effect but imagination, in which a character named John Oldman (nobody said it was perfect) reveals to stunned friends that he is the oldest living human, and in his 14,000-year-long travels perhaps became the basis of modern religion — among other things.

Although it’s not exactly the kind of film from which one could reasonably expect a sequel, director Richard Schenkman, co-writing with Emerson Bixby — son of the legendary Jerome Bixby, for whom Man was a final work — will reunite with stars David Lee Smith and William Katt for The Man from Earth: Holocene. Make of that ice age reference what you will, because that’s about as far as word goes just now; but being that John Oldman (again…) made a point of migrating every ten years to avoid the suspicions of those closest to him, a few assumptions can be made. Joining the cast are Vanessa Williams, Carlos Knight, Sterling Knight, Akemi Look (Dear White People), and Brittany Curran.

The Man from Earth: Holocene rolls cameras next month and is expected to arrive in 2017 — fittingly, ten years after the original’s 2007 premiere.

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