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Seth Gordon Signs for ‘Identity Theft,’ Starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

Written by on January 17, 2012 

Seth Gordon seems to be having a big month. Less than two weeks after Warner Bros. put a Horrible Bosses sequel into gear, Deadline reports that the director has boarded Identity Theft — formerly ID Theft — Universal’s comedy which already has Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy locked to star. Steve Conrad wrote — and Craig Mazin rewrote — the script, which follows a man (Bateman) who’s identity is stolen by someone else (McCarthy). But you knew that already.

Since plot or cast specifics are either miniscule or irrelevant, now’s a good time to voice support for Gordon, both as a pick for Theft and, really, in general. The proof lies in his last work; Horrible Bosses was, almost definitively, the best-looking and slickest comedy in a summer that was filled with them — I also think it was the funniest, thanks in part to the work he was able to get out of Jason Bateman. So, look at this way: Identity Theft will not only further push back the WarGames remake nobody wants, but also allow for some more time between the actor and director. As will that pending sequel — but this doesn’t sound half-bad while we’re at it.

How do you feel about Gordon as a choice for Identity Theft?

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