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Second Film About U.S.S. Indianapolis Moving Forward

Written by on August 20, 2011 

It was revealed on Thursday that Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, will be producing a movie centered on the tragic sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945. The film will mostly follow Hunter Scott, an eleven-year-old who, more than fifty years after the ship’s sinking, attempted to “exonerate Capt. Charles McVay, the man ‘unjustly court-martialed’ after the incident.” The Pacific writer Robert Schenkkan will be scripting the project, and Warner Bros. is distributing.

Variety now says that another movie about the fabled ship is making its way to the big screen, one that’s called U.S.S Indianapolis: Men of Courage and produced by Hannibal Classics. A director and cast are currently being sought, while the script is already complete; it’s expected that it’ll be shopped at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. Unlike the other project in development, this is said to be more of an action film. I don’t know how you make an action movie out of young men being killed from dehydration, an over-exposure to the sun, and shark attacks, but that seems to be the plan.

It’s immediately obvious that this will be in the shadow of the Downey-produced film, as the smaller backer & (probably) smaller director and stars won’t help when it comes to exposure. But what I’m wondering, above all else, is how long this has actually been moving forward. It’s kind of like The Iceman: Part of me suspects that this wouldn’t have been announced if there wasn’t a project about the same subject just gearing up; that kind of bothers me, if only because it feels like a cheap move. I won’t totally judge this film that’s still in such an early stage of development, but it might have started off on something of a wrong foot.

Do you want to see a second film about the U.S.S. Indianapolis? Is it strange to you that another project centering on this story is going into development right away?

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