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Screenwriter Hired For ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ Sequel

Written by on August 19, 2011 

If there’s one film in Renny Harlin‘s less-than-stellar career that would earn the highest praise, it would be The Long Kiss Goodnight. That praise essentially boils down to “it’s okay, I guess,” but the script by Shane Black undoubtedly lifts the whole thing to a level that makes it better than just about anything else Harlin has made.

That makes his desire to follow the movie up with a sequel somewhat understandable, and he actually seems pretty intent on making it. FilmSchoolRejects recently talked to the director, who said that his experience directing an episode of Burn Notice has led to the film landing a screenwriter, and that is series writer and producer Ben Watkins. He says that Watkins “turned out to be a giant fan of [The Long Kiss Goodnight],” which led to them deciding “to do it together.”

The plot will follow the daughter of Geena Davis‘ character from the first, Caitlin, who works with Samuel L. Jackson‘s Mitch to find the people who killed her mother. Yvonne Zima played her in the original, and it’s said that the character would be around 21 in this sequel, an age that she’s pretty close to. There’s no word on if she’ll actually be in it, though, but it seems pretty likely that Jackson will return.

It doesn’t seem as if The Long Kiss Goodnight has enough of a following to warrant the existence of a follow-up; I at least know that I don’t want to see one. Some might argue that this would allow Harlin to make something of a slightly higher quality than almost anything else he’s done, but the lack of Shane Black‘s presence deflates any of those hopes for me. If he were to be involved, there would be a lot of promise. But he isn’t, so I would say there isn’t.

Would you want to see a Long Kiss Goodnight sequel? Is Shane Black not scripting a detriment to you?

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