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Screen Gems Commission Sequel on Surprise Hit ‘Think Like a Man’

Written by on June 28, 2012 

It’s fair to guess you haven’t see one of this year’s biggest earners — but enough did to warrant a sequel. Oh, and not another on-the-cheap Christian movie starring Kirk Cameron — I’m pretty sure one came out this year, anyhow — but Think Like a Man, a romantic comedy that earned some big dollars despite boasting a predominantly black cast made up of relative unknowns.

And, now, it’s getting a second installment. A press release has announced movement on an untitled follow-up, for which screenwriters David A. Newman and Keith Merryman will be returning to script; Rainforest Films are producing once again and, while no cast members (or director Tim Story) have been roped in for a second go-round, Kevin Hart‘s recent reteaming with Screen Gems makes his return more or less pre-determined. I’d think the rest follow along, every financial thing being taken into account.

The original is based on Steve Harvey‘s self-help book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man — thanks to that, a title for the second movie should be pretty easy to decide on — and was about a group of women who try to govern their partners by way of his writings. (Talk about a vanity project.) So, maybe there’s just more material to mine from the book? While the decision is clearly financial (duh), they could always go back to the well and bang out another one — the box office potential is too much to resist.

Did you see Think Like a Man, and could it use a sequel?

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