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Scott Marshall to Direct Sports Comedy ‘The Million Dollar Man’

Written by on January 26, 2012 

We’re hearing from Variety that Slater Bros. Entertainment and Portofino Pictures are teaming up to produce The Million Dollar Man, a sports comedy from writer Alexander Schrader (one of the principals at Portofino) and director Scott Marshall (All’s Faire in Love, Keeping Up with the Steins). The movie is “the underdog story of a man who finds a magical opportunity to turn his life around when he is chosen to perform at the Super Bowl.” Casting and all the fun stuff that goes with a new movie announcement will be underway soon.

Marshall, the son of director Garry Marshall (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, my nightmares), has not exactly had the most stellar of a directing career, which you probably already realized once you went “huh?” while reading his director credits in the previous paragraph. In addition that, he also directed Blonde Ambition, starring Jessica Simpson as a businesswoman who… yeah, I stopped caring already, too. With that, well, pedigree, this probably won’t hold my attnetion. Unless Tim Curry shows up and I’m forced to care.

Am I being too hard on Scott Marshall? Does The Million Dollar Man have promise? Also, did anyone else think this was going to be a biopic on Ted DiBiase or am I the last pro wrestling fan on the planet?

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