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‘Saw’ Creator James Wan Resurrecting ‘MacGyver’ with New Feature Film

Written by on November 12, 2012 

Call me crazy, but I had thought Will Forte lent MacGyver its due treatment only a few years ago. For some reason, however — the central one probably being “nobody saw that movie, so, who cares” — New Line have just taken their own steps to give Richard Dean Anderson‘s most famous character another shot at big-screen glory. One that’s bound to have fewer characters named “Cunth” and less uses of “Take Me Home Tonight,” I’m afraid.

Variety tell us MacGyver is becoming a commodity with Hollywood, and, more to the point, New Line are formulating a prospective franchise with Saw and Insidious creator James Wan at the helm. Their pick — an unusual one, at that — is still in talks, but would come along to helm a screenplay from Jason Richman (Swing Vote, Bangkok Dangerous) and Brian & Mark Gunn (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) — presumably, one wherein Angus MacGyver carries out a top-secret, ultra dangerous mission that can only be solved with a paperclip and gum wrapper. (If this bit of pop culture fun always went over your head, MacGyver always solved problems by combining unusual objects into a helpful device. But how could someone not know this?)

The Dino De Laurentiis Company, finally making something not pertaining to Hannibal Lecter, are producing with the show’s original creator, Lee David Zlotoff, some credits which further certify MacGyver as a new endeavor for Wan all-around. He’s never worked with them, he’s never not created his own property — no matter how much derivation may factor into what’s his own — while action tentpoles are outside his established realm. An interesting step for the man who, with Insidious 2 and The Conjuring, doesn’t seem to be fatigued by the horror genre just yet.

How do you feel about a MacGyver film, if you feel anything at all? Will this kill MacGruber 2?

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