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Sandra Bullock In Talks To Star Alongside Clint Eastwood In ‘Trouble With the Curve’

Written by on October 11, 2011 

Last week brought the revelation that Clint Eastwood was contemplating a return to the screen in Trouble With the Curve, a drama that would have him star as “an aging baseball scout who takes a road trip to Atlanta with his daughter.” At the time, it was noted that the part of the daughter was yet to be cast, but, as soon as Eastwood and director Robert Lorenz were officially involved, an actress could be sought.

Seems that the project is happening, as Twitch has learned that both star and director want Sandra Bullock to take the role of the daughter. The Oscar winner is reported as being in talks at the moment, although it feels safe to say that she would agree to star. After all, the chance to act with Eastwood is an opportunity very few would ever pass up; when you also take Bullock‘s recent track record of dramas into account, one that includes The Blind Side and this year’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and all signs point to her joining.

Not that this feels like great news; being something of a Bullock detractor leaves me uneasy about the development. In fact, I was already doubtful about Eastwood coming back to star after Gran Torino, a film that felt like a great “last role.” It’s not that I consider her to be a bad actress — her screen presence just leaves me cold every time. That much being said, all these complaints being lobbed by me don’t matter; like anyone else who has respect for the legend (do I even need to say that I’m talking about Eastwood?), I’ll be seeing this no matter what.

Would you want Bullock to join Eastwood here? What are your thoughts on this film in general?

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