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Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Hornsby Back With Spike Lee on ‘Oldboy’

Written by on August 18, 2012 

Spike Lee‘s been a little dodgy about Oldboy‘s exact shooting status, and, frustrating as that may be, it’s for a good reason: The film’s been hindered by schedules and financing over the past year, leaving everyone with a keen interest (such as myself) semi-frustrated. But with Red Hook Summer in the can and his Michael Jackson documentary, Bad 25, set to hit Venice in just a few weeks, the remake of Park Chan-wook‘s revenge staple should be primed for a shoot.

I’m happy to get all the proper evidence from 24Frames, who report that two Lee regulars — Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Hornsby — will, respectively, appear in and score Oldboy, which is now expected to roll film (or fire up the digital card; whatever) this fall.

Jackson‘s role is one you might not actually expect: The man who Josh Brolin‘s character, Joe Douchett, tortures in order to attain information regarding the whereabouts of his kidnapper (Sharlto Copley). If you’ve seen the original Oldboy, I’ve little doubt the imagery of that scene has left your brain anytime soon — particularly if you visit the dentist at a healthy rate. Mark Protosevich‘s screenplay will (wisely) break away from that, however, instead opting for a secretive method only described as “plenty painful.” No matter what, it’ll be tough; I just don’t want to see hurt incurred upon Samuel L. Jackson.

Meanwhile, Hornsby — with whom Lee recently collaborated on Red Hook Summer — was able to reveal he’s delivering “dark” music which would, needless to say, accompany Oldboy‘s overall tone. Expected, though the composer also feels his work “will also run the gamut” — not that I’m expecting Tiny Tim or something to that effect — so it’s not all moody tones.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Jackson‘s addition is what’s particularly noteworthy here — if only because it carries any sort of real “surprise” — though, that notwithstanding, it’s all the more satisfying to know Oldboy is finally starting to converge. And, no, I have zero issues with that movie getting another go-round. I don’t even like it, but that’s a different discussion altogether.

Do Jackson and Hornsby increase Oldboy‘s prospects?

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