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Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Return to ‘Evil Dead’ with 10-Episode Series

Written by on November 10, 2014 

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First there was the Twin Peaks revival, Lynch and Frost in tow, and now we have another creative pair returning to an early-90s cult item — except, this time, moving from big screen to small. Variety, rendering irrelevant most rumors that have abounded for decades, tell us Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are returning to The Evil Dead with Ash vs. Evil Dead, a series of ten half-hour episodes airing on Starz in 2015. The latter will reprise his iconic Ashley J. “Ash” Williams role, while the former will direct the first episode, and has written the series with Ivan Raimi (his Army of Darkness co-scribe) and Tom Spezialy.

Their series will pick up long after the conclusion of Darkness, following Ash — who’s “spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead” — on his quest to vanquish “personal and literal” demons after Deadites begin posing a threat to all of humanity. How this might align with previous plans to resurrect the Raimi-Campbell side of things and possibly continue the remake’s connected continuity… well, that remains to be seen. And with five hours of Campbell back in the shoes of Ash Williams potentially less than a year away, those already-petty concerns just vanish, while new ones can’t help but spring up. For the love of God, let this do justice to one of the few horror franchises I’d still call great.

For a look back at the beginning of all this (if not the very beginning), enjoy this amusing two-part interview with Raimi from 1982:

What do you think of a return to The Evil Dead on TV?

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