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Sam Mendes Has Bond on the Brain with 24th and 25th Franchise Installments Lining Up

Written by on May 31, 2013 

Following a bit of confusion in the whole responsibility game these past few months, Sam Mendes made his return to Bond earlier in the week. While this day and age never sees 007 receive the same director on two consecutive outings — the last time it happened was with Timothy Dalton‘s efforts, i.e. in the late ’80s — the return was welcome. A director whose Oscar-oriented movies had been getting a little stiff, and a director whose unexpected jump into the action arena paid off considerably — so, why change the pattern?

Good or bad, the next development is a little surprising: according to ShowBiz411 — a source who have their claws dug into the workings of this franchise in a way so many MI6 adversaries could only dream of — Mendes has not only secured himself for Bond 24 (which some have recently said is a candidate for release in 2015), but is looking to stick around for Bond 25, too. The interest is pecuniary, as you will be unsurprised to hear, and although his interest in theater has been active in recent months, all the falling dollars from Skyfall signaled “too much of a hit to let him go.” This is what we have “exhaustive negotiations” for, people.

The note about he and Daniel Craig “[seeing] Bond through to the end” is curious. Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have been unusually clear with their intention to keep the current 007 aboard for as long as they can, and only two more installments is… well, maybe not as long as they’d have hoped.

Let’s not put too much stock into that right now, though, and instead breathe a small sigh of relief. With Mendes, Craig, John Logan, and likely Roger Deakins back around, Bond 24 has a chance to keep up the pace — and Bond 25 could already be heading in a proper direction.

How do you feel about Mendes sticking with Bond for so long?

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