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Sally Hawkins Pursued for Woody Allen’s Next Feature

Written by on April 30, 2012 

With the change from Copenhagen to San Francisco and, in part, New York confirmed — but, concurrently, with no plot details available for our consumption and speculation — casting has to be our main focus when talking about Woody Allen‘s next effort. So, while we wait on the previously-rumored Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett to be confirmed or denied for primary roles, Variety has learned of one addition that looks pretty plausible.

Right now, Sally Hawkins — who worked with the writer-director on Cassandra’s Dream a few years back — is negotiating to play, in true Allen fashion, “a neurotic who’s more fun and rough around the edges” than Blanchett‘s potential character, herself “a sophisticated woman who has her life together.” (She and Cooper are still circling.)

We can’t offer up much (or anything) past such descriptions, except to say that, yes, Hawkins would probably acclimate herself to Allen‘s film — just as she acclimates herself to pretty much everything, as a matter of fact. With her, Cooper, and Blanchett working under the never-ceasing, still-witty master, it’s reasonable to say a good time would lie in store.

Is this a casting choice you can support? What do you think of Woody’s next, overall?

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