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‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Writer and Director to Remake Disney’s ‘Flight of the Navigator’

Written by on November 27, 2012 

Now that Matthew Vaughn is 100% confirmed to direct Star Wars: Episode VII (kidding… sort of), the oft-rumored Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) can get his own follow-up project. So, will the Sundance darling continue to make his own small, quirky projects? Or will he shirk those characteristics and jump right into the mess of big studios? The decision, it is so very crucial.

Thankfully, the remake of an ’80s Disney classic can still have a bit of quirk to it. According to Variety, Trevorrow and his Safety scribe, Derek Connolly, are coming on to rewrite the studio’s Flight of the Navigator remake, originally scripted by Brad Copeland (Yogi Bear, Wild Hogs), with the former being positioned to direct somewhere down the line. This is all a little sudden — even without holding any (and I mean any) thoughts on the remake, this writer turned his head at the mention — but when you remember his little time travel film, the pairing kind of makes sense. A boy goes missing for eight years, comes back the same, and aliens are directly involved in the mystery — so it’s only one extra conceit, in some way.

Creatively, Connolly was willing to acknowledge that Navigator wasn’t a big film for him, but it apparently “meant a lot” to Trevorrow at a younger age. (Maybe there really was an influence, in that case.) Despite that, it might not be next: they’ve been hoping to establish some traction with yet another science fiction tale, Intelligent Life (once known as The Ambassador), and I suspect Disney could wait a few years for this to hit screens. Unless, you know, there’s some high demand I was previously unaware of.

Not a conventional choice, no, but two like-minded individuals who like to do their own thing is better than another guy down the studio line. If only Disney let these two work with some of their own creative impulses.

Here’s the original film’s trailer:

Are Trevorrow and Connolly a wise choice for Flight of the Navigator? Do you care in any way, shape, or form?

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