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Russell Brand to Star In ‘Pierre Pierre’ for Larry Charles; Luke Wilson Earns ‘Million’

Written by on July 31, 2012 

Pierre Pierre‘s struggled to get off the ground for years now, making it all the more fitting that secured financing would get followed by Jim Carrey taking off right under our noses. You know that old saying about an inconvenient sequence of steps? Exactly.

But in comes Russell Brand to save the day. (It’s not often you say that.) Variety tells us the actor and comedian is hoping to take the lead for director Larry Charles (The Dictator, Borat) on Pierre Pierre, which has been waiting for a star to sign before venturing into those deeper, more complicated territories of pre-production.

For months, we’ve known the high-profile script from Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton‘s centers on “a self-indulgent French nihilist (Brand) who steals the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in the hope of selling it so he can finally move out of his parents house”; in their update, Variety also adds that the main character will meet “a French police inspector, a serial killer named Pigeonshit and his own brothel-owning mother.”

In other words, possibly the Russell Brand-iest role we could imagine. Arsenic to some, but I find his onscreen work to be, on the whole, amusing stuff, so that works fine for me. Those who don’t like him should already know Pierre Pierre is one to avoid.

A slightly different comedy is finding its star, with Variety also reporting that Luke Wilson is making the last moves to headline an indie feature entitled Million Dollar Man. The project would reunite the actor with his Blonde Ambition director, Scott Marshall, who himself is planning to helm a screenplay from Alex Schrader; the scribe will also produce through Portofino Pictures, who are working in conjunction with Slater Brothers Entertainment.

The concept behind this one is a bit unique: Wilson will play a “down-on-his-luck route driver for a soda company” who’s handed a golden opportunity when a professional football team makes him their kicker. (Presumably after he proves some unknown skills in a seemingly ordinary situation.) This writer suspects it’s best to wait Million Dollar Man out before making any real judgements; the set-up is dumb, but Wilson is enjoyable enough of a screen presence to make something work. And, who knows, maybe that “something” will even be kind of good in and of itself.

Are you up for Russell Brand as an obnoxious Frenchman? Can Wilson carry Million Dollar Man?

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