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Ruben Fleischer Wipes Off Wounds of ‘Gangster Squad’ with ‘Spy Hunter’

Written by on February 13, 2013 

The past year-and-a-half must have been kind of odd for Ruben Fleischer. 30 Minutes or Less was a moderate hit, but a) nobody has any feelings about it, past the appreciation of getting some laughs in a short span of time, and b) I’m still not sure if that’s, technically, “a movie.” Then Gangster Squad happened, and, past that repeatedly mild financial haul, nothing about that experience sounds as if it can be deemed an outright success. From the promise of Zombieland to… whatever this current space really is.

And, like that, we have something which throws off the signal even further. Rumored in September (and just confirmed by Deadline) is the news that Fleischer will stick with WB, this time to helm Spy Hunter, their forever-in-progress film based on the old video game series; once meant for John Woo, Paul W.S. Anderson, and screenwriter Chad St. John, it’ll now be penned by relative newcomer Carter Blanchard. In terms of plot, the backbone of any video game movie, we can expect to see a spy who goes around in a car whilst shooting at various villains and, for the sake of a movie, also gets out to do some on-foot action — as far as I can guess, at least.

One (if not the single) point of interest remaining in this story: Fleischer‘s handling of action on Gangster Squad was widely criticized for the cumbersome use of digital cinematography, there a point of contention for the way it smeared the action and drained high-octane scenes of any potential excitement. Will he switch up with Spy Hunter, either by using different equipment or a different cinematographer altogether? This will never be shot on film, of course, but a reconsideration of these things is sure to be in order for the director.

Is Spy Hunter a worthwhile pursuit for Fleischer?

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