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Rosie Perez Advising ‘The Counselor’

Written by on July 27, 2012 

Ridley Scott will not begin production on The Counselor for another month or two — don’t hold me to that vague timing — but the man’s been doing a mighty solid job of getting his house in order. The main cast is, to a certain extent, assembled from top to bottom, and it’s one of the finest any upcoming film can claim to boast. Michael Fassbender is leading, Javier Bardem is villainizing, Penelope Cruz & Cameron Diaz are providing female support, and Brad Pitt‘s even taking a small part for himself.

We can add one more to the pile, as Variety reports that Rosie Perez will be coming aboard The Counselor in what is, sadly, an unspecified role. Much like our last addition — that being Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris — I’d guess her part is nothing all that huge; Cormac McCarthy‘s script doesn’t seem to have any more big spots which need to be filled, so it’s merely a late-in-the-process move, about which I can’t raise a complaint.

The script, a No Country for Old Men-like tale, centers on “a respected lawyer who thinks he can dip a toe in to the drug business without getting sucked down.” We can expect these parties to begin shooting The Counselor at the first chance, with fall 2013 being the most likely opening.

What could Perez bring to The Counselor? Does her addition change your perception of the film in any way?

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