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Rodrigo Santoro Plans to Reprise Xerxes In New ‘300’; Actor Clarifies Film’s Setting

Written by on March 14, 2012 

Since its inception, we’ve known that 300: Battle of Artemisia would bring about the return of the evil Persian king, Xerxes. How he figures in has been a mystery, though. Sometimes, he was the main character; other times, he would only hover around the story’s edges. But Xerxes was going to be there — absurd height and physically improbable body piercings still present — making a lack of discussion surrounding Rodrigo Santoro just a touch odd.

That lack can cease, as the actor told Omelete (via Collider) that he and the appropriate parties “are talking about it.” (The process of actually getting him on board is “a long story,” for reasons that weren’t divulged.) Now, just that would be a little dry when taken as an update, but Santoro — having read at least one draft of Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad‘s script — was able to shed some light on what’s happening with his character and, more importantly, the story’s ever-changing timeframe. As it was put, “I think there is a little…some of his backstory.  Some explanation but it will be very quick.”

Okay… still not much. Thank God for this, then:

“The movie is set at the same time.  The idea is to show another point of view.  While that battle from the first 300 is taking place, there were others going on…Actually, it’s all of this and then there is an intersection point with the first movie.  It goes back and then goes beyond that.  That was the initial concept.”

An interesting narrative path for the follow-up to a movie that, entertaining though it may be, wasn’t terribly complex in its storytelling; I’d like to see them take a leap, in that case. But if there’s any reason not to take this at face value, it would have to be Santoro‘s note that the script he read was from “some time ago,” and that the creative team is “working on it.” Whatever. Just give me some sepia-toned brutality, Warner Bros.

Would you be interested in seeing Santoro return to the role of Xerxes? Do the supposed plans for Artemisia make it sound any more interesting?

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