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Robert Downey Jr. to Produce Film Based on British Series ‘Black Mirror’

Written by on February 12, 2013 

Of everything I’ve seen from U.K. television these past several years, that which may stand the tallest is Charlie Brooker‘s Black Mirror. A three-part, Twilight Zone-inspired anthology series, it used only a few hours to explore numerous and relevant problems rooted in society’s preponderance of technology, all in the ultimate service of providing stories that are equally entertaining, disturbing, and thought-provoking. That it isn’t legally available in the United States makes me hugely sad — but, on the bright side, if this development doesn’t lead to a home video release, nothing possibly could.

According to THR, Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, have used the all-encompassing powers of their production outlet, Team Downey, to seal film rights for Black Mirror‘s first season finale, The Entire History of You. Starring Toby Kebbell, Jodie Whitaker (Attack the Block), and Tom Cullen (Weekend), the episode, in basic terms of plot, follows a couple whose relationship becomes fractured when the man begins to suspect his wife of an affair with their mutual friend. Which could be compelling by itself, but a not-too-distant future setting is what allows this story to come to life: inhabitants of this society are given a chip implant which allows them to cycle through every prior moment of their life, itself almost like a Blu-ray of personal experiences that can be accessed by touching your ear. When that can also be projected onto a wall, secrets aren’t always safe.

The episode ran for somewhere in the vicinity of 50 minutes, and THR claim scribe Jesse Armstrong, also the writer of the original episode, will use his own work as something of a “jumping-off point” when adapting for the screen. In this instance, things have been rejigged to center on “a man who reconstructs his relationship to his dead wife – from her point of-view – and unknowingly uncovers a vast conspiracy.” Given what a dark direction History led viewers down, it’s worth wondering if Downey‘s feature, now with a differing direction, will also tone down on pessimism — after all, happiness is more commercial. If he ends up starring, I’d almost count on it.

Have you seen the Black Mirror episode, and do you think it could work as a feature?

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