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Rob Reiner Following ‘Belle Isle’ With Thriller ‘You Belong to Me’

Written by on June 22, 2012 

Rob Reiner hasn’t made a thriller (or, arguably, thrilling movie) since 1994’s A Few Good Men — unless you, personally, want to make some (any) kind of case for Ghosts of Mississippi — and, since the latter, he’s dealt exclusively in the department of romantic comedies or nostalgia pieces. While that’s all well and good for his generally nonrestrictive, easy-going career, a change of pace and return to the Misery days is in store.

THR has learned that, on his next outing, Reiner will tackle a Cape Fear-like psychological piece titled You Belong to Me. Despite that quick comparison, however, he’s only doing this film because, in the director’s own words, “it’s hard to find a story that he hasn’t seen before.” What places this apart from the competition? Both “a deep psychological bent” and, of course, “a big twist” that snuck up and floored him, if you’ll allow me to channel Peter Travers for one second.

David Murray has written You Belong to Me, a story in which the lead, a psychiatrist, makes the fatal error of sharing his own personal feelings and thoughts with patients. (The rest of the main cast sounds rather small, what with it also being comprised of a main patient and the protagonist’s wife & daughter.)

I’ll take Reiner‘s word on this whole “different” and “shocking” element; there’s no real reason for him to go back to the genre, anyway, so something really catching his attention in this manner, ideally, means we can expect a different spin on the well-worn. Now, if it’s really any good is the big question we’ll have to ask from here on out.

Southpaw Entertainment and Stone Village will produce You Belong to Me, which will begin shooting this fall. The director’s next film, The Magic of Belle Isle, will be released in two weeks.

Is there any curiosity about Reiner jumping back into the genre?

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