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‘Ringu’ Director Hideo Nakata Enters ‘The Suicide Forest’

Written by on June 14, 2012 

Hideo Nakata will probably never make another film with the same influence and impact as Ringu — it should be evident what that was later remade into — but that certainly doesn’t stop him from working like a hound. There are a couple of other projects on his docket right now, but one of his next efforts is already being lined up — one that, though possibly not very commercial, sounds as though it might be the largest-scale effort of his entire career.

Deadline reports on the film, a thriller entitled The Suicide Forest; Roy Lee (The Departed, The Woman in Black) and Takashige Ichise (The Grudge) are producing. The story, based on El Torres‘ graphic novel, is set in Aokigahara, a forest right outside Tokyo that’s earned a reputation for being “the most famous suicide spot in the world.” It’s here where an American, Alan, teams with a Japanese ranger to try and expel himself of his dead girlfriend’s evil spirit.

Right there, we’ve got the basis for some dark, creepy material — many would say that Nakata has handled that with relative success (if not at an entirely consistent rate) over the course of his own career. Things like stars, budget, and others of that sort still need to come into focus, but even I’d be up for seeing The Suicide Forest after reading that set-up.

Does Suicide Forest sound like an interesting genre entry? Have you read the original graphic novel?

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